Electronics Alive 8

Electronics Alive VIII

January 27-March 6, 2015

The University of Tampa presents a biennial invitational exhibition of computer animations, digital video, interactive digital work, and virtual spaces from around the world. Some significant computer artists will offer lectures and presentations. All exhibitions and lectures are free of charge and open to everyone.

Lune et le Loup Lune et le Loup
Lune et le Loup • Tomas Leroux, Patrick Delage, Olivier Pinol • France


Thursday, Jan 29, 6pm
Gallery Talk, special animation presentation & Reception to follow
• 6pm Danny Olda, Gallery Talk, art critic USA, Toward a New Fountain: How Digital Art Could Rebuild the Art World by Destroying it. Today, digital art is revolutionizing the idea of what art is and can be in much the same way Marcel Duchamp and his readymade Fountain had done nearly 100 years ago. A major shift in the way art is conceived and consumed has begun. Olda will be speaking about contemporary examples of such artists and their work as well as the possibilities in future developments.
Lune et le Loup, a special animation from France

Tuesday Feb 3, 2pm
• Gallery Talk: David Andrade, What it's Like Running an Animation Studio, USA
David will be talking about the challenges of creating a 3D animation company in today's very competitive market, and will be presenting the new possibilities of producing movies online, remotely, thanks to modern technologies. David graduated from UT with a Digital Arts Major in 2007
Theory Animation
Clovis and Ray • Theory Animation
Thursday Feb 5, 1pm
• Gallery Talk: Evan Meaney, Glitches, video USC SC, USA
Evan Meaney, Assistant Professor at the University of South Carolina, will present his own research on the GLITCH ART concept, where embracing - or creating - the error is a new way of altering and creating electronic art. His work . You can visit his website at www.evanmeaney.com
@_thefeast • Evan Meaney • created exclusively for Electronics Alive VIII
Thursday, Feb 12, 7pm
at Hillsborough Community College Performing • Arts Building, Mainstage Theatre, Palm Ave and 15th Street.
The University of Tampa Electronics Alive VIII Animation Festival is curated by Santiago Echeverry exclusively for Hillsborough Community College.
Andante Spianato
Andante Spianato prints • Santiago Echeverry

Walking Drawings
Walking drawings across the estuaries • Everton Wright • UK
Feb 15-19
Everton Wright, Walking Drawings, UK

Mon, Feb 16, 1pm
• Gallery talk with film projection

Tues Feb 17, 1pm
• Workshop with Sculpture Prof. Kendra Frorup
Mikhail Mansion
Mikhail Mansion • USA
Tue, Feb 24, 3pm
• Gallery Talk: Mikhail Mansion

Combining Forces
Perspectives on working at the Intersections of Science, Art and Design

Mikhail Mansion is an American artist, engineer and educator living in Providence, Rhode Island. His work applies methods of computational design and fabrication to fashion media-based installations focused on exploring intersections between environmental systems and culture. End results typically manifest into kinetic installations or objects, as well as interactive screen-based works. A key component of his work is the creative composition of signal transmissions, comprised of both live and historic data culled from nature, and delivered by way of environmental sensors. These sensors inputs are routed into telepresent objects and spaces, from which signal origins blend with the material interventions of the artist, as well as with the observation of viewers, thus becoming attenuated, augmented or enhanced. Through these intersections and ecologies Mansion forms the basis of his creative practice.

Joanne Steinhardt Joseph Farbrook Paul Stout Mark Stock makelangelo.com
Joanne Steinhardt Joseph Farbrook Paul Stout Mark Stock makelangelo.com

ARTISTS EXHIBITING multimedia and digital art projects

Paul Stout, Apparition, Installation, USA
Joseph Farbrook, Lineographs, Digital Installation, USA
Dan Rouyer, Makelangelo.com, Art Robot 2D Printer, Canada
Jesse Vance, To bite one's own teeth, Analog Video installation USA
Allen Hampton, Melting girl, USA
Mark Stock
Bruce Wands
Joanne Steinhardt
Doug Sutherland, Potty mouth, animation/digital illustration, USA
Santiago Echeverry, Andante Spianato, Digital Prints, USA/Colombia
Carmen Gil Vrolijk Ximena Diaz Melissa Cruz Juan Cortés Ricardo Arias
Carmen Gil Vrolijk Ximena Díaz Melissa Cruz Juan Cortés Ricardo Arias
Carmen Gil Vrolijk, Manual de Persuasión Ilustrado, Installation, Colombia *
Ximena Díaz, Después del Tiempo, Sculpted CDs, Colombia *
Melissa Cruz, Narcissus, Video Installation, Netherlands/Colombia *
Juan Cortés, Tierra, Magnetic Kinetic Sculpture, Colombia *
Ricardo Arias, Res Facta, Audio Installation, Colombia *

* The Colombian artists selection was curated by Carmen Gil Vrolijk
for the electronic media show Voltaje presented in Bogotá, Colombia, in Oct 2014.
Wistful Affection Sintel Allen Hampton Jesse Thelonious Vance
Mani Mehrvarz Colin Levy Allen Hampton Jesse T. Vance

SHORT & EXPERIMENTAL FILMS on continuous view

Lune et le Loup, Tomas Leroux, Patrick Delage, Olivier Pinol, Directors, France - ONE night only!
Wistful Affection, Mani Mehrvarz, director, Poland/Iran
Sintel, producer, Ton Roosendaal, Netherlands; Director, Colin Levy, USA; David Revoy, Concept art, France; Martin Lodewijk, concept story, Netherlands; Jan Morgenstern, composer, Germany
Currant affairs Films presents: an abridged version of Cam, Sol Erez, director, Israel/USA
Tears of Steel, Ton Roosendaal, Producer;
 Ian Hubert, Director & Writer; Joris Kerbosch, Director of Photography;
 Joram Letwory, Composer, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Elephants Dream, a co-production of Montevideo and Blender Foundation, Producer: Ton Roosendaal, Project management/finances: Angela Plohman, Producers: Gaby Weijers and Annet Dekker, Netherlands
Spacebound, Kyle Moy, Animator, Ellen Su, 3-D Art Director, NY School of Visual Arts, NY, USA
Little Freak, Edwin Schaap, Director, HKU< University of Arts, Utrecht, Netherlands
Entracte, Valentin Dely, Damien Garrigue, Laury Guintrand, Valentine Hemery, Clélia Magurno, Directors, Ecole Supérieure Des Métiers Artistiques de Montpellier, France
Sabella, Ryan Horvath, USA
Sleep Walk/Talk, Desiree D'Alessandro, USA
Oscillatoria, The Ocean in Northern Spain. Bruno Vianna, Brazil
Céu da Palavra, Poetry in the Sky With Kites, Bruno Vianna, Brazil
Planeta Anão, An Evening Tour On the Hill, Bruno Vianna, Brazil
Set of video works, Mark Stock, USA
Orishas, Santiago Echeverry, USA
Myosis, Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart, Ricky Cometa, Guillaume Doussen, Adrien Gromelle, Thibaud Petitpas, Gobelins, L'école de L'image
Coyote Dinner & Fit, Dana Corrigan USA
Shavasana, USF students, USA
Theory Animation, Ray and Clovis, 24 Artists, 7 Countries, 11 Time Zones
Bruno Vianna Sintel Entracte Animation Theory
Bruno Vianna Dana Corrigan Entracte Theory Animation

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The purpose of the University of Tampa, Scarfone/Hartley Gallery is to exhibit works of art and have visiting artists as an extension of the classroom providing students on campus and the community an opportunity to meet artists and to view and study significant original works of art created by contemporary national, international and regional artists. Events, lectures and performances that are intrinsic to the arts are included in the programs.

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